Human Foosball Rules

Behavior & Conduct

  1. Each player is required to display good sportsmanship, and respect for the League Officials, Staff and other players at all times. 
  2. Rude, aggressive, vulgar language or behavior may result in either ejection from the game or by being banned from the league altogether. 


  1. All players must be 21 years of age. 
  2. Team rosters shall include a minimum of 8 players, including at least 4 of each gender.
  3. Unregistered substitutes from outside the league are not allowed. Teams may recruit players from other teams within the league during the regular season to use as subs. Any team found to be using an unregistered player from outside the league will forfeit the match.
  4. Late Registration: a team may add players after the season starts to the roster through the 4th match of the season. 
  5. If a situation arises where a player can’t play in the league anymore (e.g. moves away, injury, change in work schedule) they may be replaced with a new player through the 4th match of the season. Please contact if this is the case.
  6. Rosters are frozen the last week of the season and during the postseason tournament.
  7. Only players on the official roster may play with that team for the postseason tournament.


  1. Players should wear their League-provided shirts of the appropriate color for their team.
  2. Any player not wearing their league shirt may be called for a roster check at any time. 
  3. Players must wear soft-soled, close-toed athletic shoes. NO CLEATS ALLOWED. Please bring clean, indoor shoes to wear.
  4. Players may wear shin guards or any personal protective gear they wish, provided that such equipment will not cause harm to other players. 
  5. Players are encouraged not to wear jewelry of any kind while playing.
  6. Contacts are recommended for players that wear glasses.

Game Play / Penalties  

  1. Play will begin with the referee rolling the ball in.
    • The ball must bounce once before being kicked
  2. Players must keep both hands on the poles at all times using an overhand or underhand grip.
  3. Players must remain behind the pole and may not go underneath the poles (top of the head can't go below the pole). 
  4. A penalty may be called at referee's discretion for intentionally hooking opponent's legs, kicking or tripping an opponent, repeated high kicks, excessive hanging on the bar or unsportsmanlike conduct. 
  5. Stalling: Ball must be kicked in a timely manner. The referee may start a 5-second count for any player stalling. 
  6. Penalty kicks may be called if any of the above rules are not followed.
  7. Penalty kicks: All players pick a position and stand straight-legged with feet together and heels and toes touching (like the little players on a foosball table). The player kicking can choose where to line up and will receive a free kick. All players remain frozen until the ball stops its forward momentum. If the kick is missed, live play resumes.
    • First penalty - goalie receives free kick
    • Second (or more) penalty - midfielder receives free kick
  8. Balls that go out of play will be restarted by the referee in the center court 

Matches & Rounds

  1. 1. Each round is played with a maximum of 6 players with minimum 2 female players. (3 midfielders, 2 forwards and 1 goalie)
    • If a team only has 1 female player, they must play short with a maximum of 5 players.
    • 1 female player and 4 total players are needed to avoid a forfeit.
  2. Matches will consist of (3) 8-minute periods. There will be a 1-minute timeout between periods.
    • The clock shall be a running clock except for dead balls in the final minute of 3rd period, 30-second substitution timeouts or injury timeouts.
    • No overtime during the regular season.
  3. Each round will continue until either:
    • Penalty occurs
    • Ball is out of play
    • Goal is scored
  4. Teams may sub and switch court positions ONLY between periods or during a substitution timeout. There will be 30-second substitution timeout allowed at approximately the 4-minute mark of each period. Teams should alert the official at the beginning of the period if they plan on subbing mid-period. 
  5. There is a 10-point mercy rule if either team elects to end the match.